Pre-race Beargrease Update!

Quick update—

I’m heading to Fitger’s at 11:00 for the “Cutest Puppy Contest”—I’ll be there through the middle of the day signing copies of my book ‘Ballad of the Northland’ & looking at cute puppies, and I’d love to meet you!

It looks like things are shaping up nicely for my friend Colleen Wallin—we visited her & the dogs yesterday, and she reports that everything is coming along nicely; the dogs look fantastic, she feels strong, and the recent snow bodes well for a perfect trail. I think she’ll do very well for herself this coming weekend.

Just before we went to the Wallin’s for dinner, we stopped by the Checkpoint 2 “Gravel Pit” to see what it looked like, and maybe catch some unwary mushers out training there doggies—the checkpoint looks great with lots & lots of plowed surface space and decent snow pack, and we met up with Pennsylvania musher Mary Beth Logan who is going to be running in the 8-dog class over the weekend—we actually managed to get a really neat video interview with her, and I’ll share it with you just as soon as I can get it uploaded (hopefully later this afternoon).

Lack of good internet is making my blogging very problematic—I’m currently pulled up in a hotel parking lot jacking there signal to publish this post—as soon as I find a more reliable connection, I’ll write something more substantive!

Image via H. Barron


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