Pre-race Speculation, Live from Duluth!

Harm, myself & the Little’s are still on the road–we’re currently camped out at the Duluth Spirit Mountain Inn overlooking the mighty Lake Superior. Today we’re heading up the North Shore to the town of Two Harbor’s, to visit friend & Beargrease contestant Colleen Wallin.

Colleen ranks very highly in my “pick list” for this years contenders in the upcoming race–besides being a solid perennial competitor (and totally awesome! How could you not love Colleen Wallin?!), word is she’s running the best team she’s had in years, maybe ever, and I know firsthand that she has a fresh infusion of top lead dogs to help get her to victory lane–last spring, the Wallin’s picked up some of our best dogs to use in their program, including my main leaders Clumber & Classic!

Clumber was my leader when I finished 1st in 2008, 1st in 2009, and 2nd in 2010–his son Classic was right

Jason with Clumber

there by his side in ’09 & ’10.

A powerful team is important when trying to win a race like the Marathon, but the most important factor in the composition of any dog team is the quality of its leadership–I can attest that Colleen now has a huge shot in the arm in that department; always a player, I think Mrs. Wallin has a legitimate shot at a championship this coming weekend.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be a The Bookstore at Fitger’s for the “Cutest Puppy Contest”–starting at 11:00 AM–please come and join me!!!

Internet access has been very problematic for me–I’ll work hard to keep the posts coming, but I’m afraid they’ll arrive in a “half-hazard” way; I’ll write them on MS Word, and publish whenever I get a chance!

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

Image via H. Barron

2 Responses to “Pre-race Speculation, Live from Duluth!”

  1. Marlene Phillips-Daniels Reply January 28, 2011 at 11:17

    Sounds like you are all having a blast. I’ve been wondering about your dogs and wondered if I’d missed something along the way. Are they on loan? Are they sold? Are you really planning to race again? Will you have to start over with the kennel?

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