2011 Kuskokwim300 Update #6

After posting early this morning, I put the family in the truck and we’ve been on the road headed for Minnesota ever since–we just pulled over at a little roadside Inn near the North Dakota border after battling black ice, snow drifts & high winds for the better part of the day; right after we saw our fifth loaded semi in the ditch (the latest one smashed beyond recognition), my nerves began to falter a bit and I pulled over.

With that said, I just checked in on the K300 leader board….

Holy smokes! What a fantastic race!!!!!!

I don’t have much to add that most of you following the race don’t already know, except to say that while I think Paul Gebhart ran an absolutely fantastic race, he is very lucky that the trail ended when it did, because Mike Williams Jr. was coming to take him down…

Congratulations to Paul Gebhart for winning the 2011 Kuskokwim 300, arguably the toughest, most influential middle distance race in the world, and in my opinion, second only to the legendary Iditarod in terms of mushing influence!

Indeed, congratulations to the entire finishing roster, with special notice of the “young guns” Mike Jr, Pete Kaiser, and Jake Berkowitz–my message to the three of you:

The world is watching…and we are proud.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


2 Responses to “2011 Kuskokwim300 Update #6”

  1. You’re missing one other “young gun”, that being Richie Diehl of Aniak. One of his main leaders is Termite, out of the King insect litter, of which you are familiar. You’ll definitely being hearing more from our kennel in the future.

    Dave Diehl

    • Thanks for setting me straight, Dave 🙂 You are 100% correct–I just did not recognize the name!!! Give Richie a big pat on the back for me, please 🙂

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