2011 Kuskokwim300 Update

Between Harm & myself, we’ve run a total of four K300’s, and while we did not particularly set the trail on fire (to say the least!), we did learn a whole lot, and stumbled away from the experience–all four times!–much much better drivers for having taken our licks there.

I plan to keep a very close eye on this year’s event, which starts tonight out of Bethel, AK. Below is a look at this years entrants & their starting order.

Bib No. Musher Start Time
1 Ronald Underwood 6:30
2 Sebastian Schuelle 6:30
3 Jake Berkowitz 6:32
4 Chuck Schaefer 6:32
5 Mike Williams Jr 6:34
6 Mathew Failor 6:34
7 Pete Kaiser 6:36
8 Ramey Smith 6:36
9 Louie Ambrose 6:38
10 Mike Williams Sr 6:38
11 Joshua Cadzow 6:40
12 Martin Buser 6:40
13 Jon Baker 6:42
14 Richie Diehl 6:42
15 Jackie Larson 6:44
16 Mitch Seavey 6:44
17 Hugh Neff 6:46
18 Bruce Linton 6:46
19 Ray Redington Jr. 6:48
20 Paul Gephart 6:48

I’ll post later tonight with a few of my thoughts on the competition, and what they’ll be facing out there in the dark…


2 Responses to “2011 Kuskokwim300 Update”

  1. Marlene Phillips-Daniels Reply January 21, 2011 at 20:02

    Jason, one of my favorite pieces was the one Harm wrote, when she was cold and alone and stumbling through the Kusko 300,looking for you. It was written early on on your website.

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