2010 Seeley Lake Sled Dog Race #6

After finishing my mandatory rest (almost exactly 4 hours) I took off from WTR about 20 minutes behind Ryan, and four minutes ahead of Rick Larson; John Barron and Charlotte were leaving between 30-40 behind Rick.

The team looked really strong when I pulled up to the departure area, but as soon as I took off, I spotted a big problem with my three-year old leader Isis who had been up front performing brilliantly for most of the race; she had a severe flat tire on the right front side. I went about an eighth of a mile watching her very closely, then turned the team around right in the middle of the trail and went back to the checkpoint (kicking myself in the butt for not catching her problem while on my rest!). I got back into the checkpoint just as Rick was queuing up to depart, dropped Isis and took off about a minute behind him. At this point of the race, it was clear to me that Ryan had his team dialed in for this mileage much better than I did, and that the only way I was going to catch him was if he got lost…and I was still very frustrated and extremely worried about Isis. As I left, I really had no idea what was wrong with her; her wrists/shoulders/back/neck all seemed fine, so as I made my way towards the finish line, I spent more time thinking about my little girl then I did the race.

Long story short: I caught Rick going up Huckleberry Pass, a very big mountain just after departing WTR, and swiftly left him behind. I pulled 20-40 minutes on everybody who was in a competitive position behind me, but came into Lincoln in second place to find that Ryan had beaten me by a total of thirty minutes overall. A few thoughts on Ryan’s race, mostly gained from looking at the numbers after the fact; he and his team ran the perfect 200 mile race, a fantastic combination of brilliant management and raw power; he beat me with four very even runs made a few minutes faster each time than my own; death by paper cuts. After looking at his team and talking to him, I counted myself fortunate to have stayed as close to him as I did.

Ultimately, while I do not present myself as a top 200 mile class driver, I am pretty darn respectable and this was my home trail; in no way, shape, or form did I ‘let’ Ryan beat me…in fact, I think I ran the best 200 mile race of my career. The simple fact is that Ryan Anderson raced me fair and square…and gave me a pretty decent beat-down.

A+, Ryan. I think you’re a class act, and it was a privilege to race with you out there. I wish you all the best in your future races.

That’s it for the race, but I do plan one more post on this topic dealing with Isis’s mysterious problem.

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….

Images courtesy of H. Barron

2 Responses to “2010 Seeley Lake Sled Dog Race #6”

  1. Hi Jason & Harmony! Just found out that you moved your blog! Glad to read that you are still writing it. I really enjoy reading your posts! Looking forward to more stories!

    • Welcome aboard, Joann 🙂 I post at least once daily, and sometimes 2-3 times, so you should have plenty of reading to do–at 2:00 Mountain time today, Part 1 of Harm’s ’04 K300 story goes live (I highly recommend it; even years later, it makes me laugh aloud to read it!).

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