Harmony’s Re-runs #1

The following post is by my lovely & talented wife Harmony–last year during the heaviest portions of my training & racing season, she took over my old blog to help keep our fans up to speed. I’m going to start sharing some of those posts as ‘Harmony’s Re-runs’, an eclectic series of posts that show our lives from a different perspective.

The following rerun is from Nome, Alaska, at the end of my 2010 Iditarod.

“Take us to the dog lot Dad!”

Clumber & Classic getting some love…

Jason settling down the team in the Nome dog lot.

Jason and the dogs are resting up well here in Nome. There was a lot of eating and sleeping all day yesterday after their 9:24 am arrival, and today there will be much of the same I’m sure. Clumber and Classic led to the finish, with Kerry, Climate, Clover, Merrell and Sponge Bob filling out the team. What a tough and grueling race they all had, I’m just happy they are finally in. I know a many good drivers got hit with the ‘sick stick’ this year, and I felt for them all. We’re quite proud of Jason and the team for persevering throughout it all, and finishing this incredible race.

Now we are awaiting more of our friends and colleges whom are still out on the trail. Todd and Beau Davis, along with Allan and Fiona Stewart are staying here at the Smithhisler’s home with us. Celeste Davis has been holding down the red lantern position now for a couple of days, and should be here in Nome by tomorrow night. Her husband and son are keeping a close eye on her GPS tracker. John Stewart is traveling about six hours ahead of her, and should be in by tomorrow afternoon. His parents are anxiously awaiting his arrival. The Davis’s and the Stewart’s are both wonderful families, we have been having a lot of fun visiting with them all. And of course I still can’t say enough nice things about Larry and Amy Smithhisler, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Thank you everybody for keeping track of our family and team throughout these long winter months, and I apologize for my spotty coverage! Maybe you’ll read something from Jason once he’s got the Great Alaskan Highway, south bound, behind him…

Harmony Barron

Images courtesy of H. Barron

2 Responses to “Harmony’s Re-runs #1”

  1. I love re-runs! Looking forward to hearing more from Harmony. Would love to see more of her art work!

    • Lol! I’ll tell her that, Lakota’s Corner! I’m very careful about sharing too much of her artwork…because she’s starting up her own art based blog sometime next summer.

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