Charting a course through the Blogosphere #3

I feel that my blog should reflect my personality & various interests–though I plan to NEVER write about politics (I state that here, because I’m keenly interested in world events). While I want my posts to be informative & interesting, I intend to steer clear of the issues which almost always end up dividing people and planting wedges between social/cultural groups; I want you all to come here to my blog and be entertained, to leave with a good feeling in your heart and a smile on your lips.

In short, while I personally do have rather strenuous political view-points, I plan to keep them to myself–I’m leaving the politics to the politicians and their pundits.

Instead, I want my blog to be all about various aspects of creativity; film/music/writing/gaming/outdoor adventure…

I plan to post daily, and one of the tools I use extensively to make sure I can stick to this lofty goal is a scheduling feature which WordPress offers to allow the author to write and “store” future posts, set to “self-publish” at a scheduled date & time–in fact, all of my posts for the last two weeks have been taking advantage of this component.

As I’m sure many of you have already noticed, I tend to post twice a day quite often, and sometimes even publish a third story. I won’t always have that kind of time! For example, Harm, myself, and the Little’s are all taking off on the morning of the 23rd to go on a three-week tour of Minnesota, giving mushing presentations at various schools & libraries, as well as marketing my new novel Ballad of the Northland.

It is highly likely that I will not have access to the internet for much of that time, and to prepare for that eventuality, I’ve scheduled a series of posts called ‘On the Road Again’–they’re not quite as “epic” as my usual post, but they are all designed with your enjoyment in mind, and slated to self-publish on any given day.

I do plan to write additional posts, though; you can rest assured that if I end up at a hotel or cafe, or any place that has connectivity, I promise to add new posts from our trip–I just scheduled a bunch so there is no way I leave you all in the lurch!!!

Thanks for tuning in–more  follow….

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