Race Weekend

This is pretty unofficial stuff, but I want to share with you some of the latest mushing news for two of the big dog races I’m following this weekend:

Copper Basin 300

Because the drivers can scatter to the four winds and take their mandatory rest wherever they like, it makes telling who the ‘real’ race leaders are very difficult. Right now, it looks like Lance Mackey has the strongest team in the race, and it was he, Jake Berkowitz, and Aliy Zirkle who led the charge into Tolsona. They and a number of other drivers opted to bed down for a substantial rest.

Also, and this is definitely ‘unofficial’, it sounds like some teams (including Allen Moore) got lost for over an hour leaving the Hub.

I’ll try to get more info and give a more detailed report later tonight.

The White Oak Classic

Results for the 10-dog class:

1–Ryan Anderson

2–Frank Moe

3–Vern Schroeder

8-dog class:

1–John Hull

2–Ryan Redington

Thanks for tuning in–more to follow….


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