Insight into the Beargrease #2

To follow-up on my last post:

Despite the challenging nature of the North Shore Trail, I’ve managed to avoid almost all injury based problems in three out of three attempts there —I have brought minor nagging injuries into the race and had them re-occur to a minor extent—and I’m guessing the following information about how I managed this will come in very handy to those of you heading there to compete this coming January (and at the very least be kind of interesting to those of you who don’t even mush!)

Note the harnesses

Admittedly, some of the stuff I’m going to share will be more useful next year (some of it is training & equipment based, and I only recommend filing it away for future reference; it’s almost never a good idea to change your equipment and training strategies right before the big race) when you restart your training program.

First up are the harnesses & lines I use–very unusual by lower forty-eight standards, but fairly common in Alaska. The harnesses I recommend are an upgraded version of the ‘guard style’ first popularized by Iditarod Champion Jeff King—they are called G-Cel Harnesses, and you can find them here. They were engineered by Mike Santos up in AK, a solid musher & VERY forward thinking one at that, and built in-house by his wife Caitlin. I can’t recommend them highly enough; in my opinion, they are the most well made, well thought out distance harness in the world.

Regardless of whether you use the G-Cel or not, I think the guard style harnesses are a big factor in my avoidance of injury at the Marathon. And I can’t mention these without also talking about the line setup that is absolutely critical to the formula.

I’ll try to get to that a bit later today. Also, starting tomorrow, I’ll be dividing my attention between musher-y stuff & writing stuff–so to those of you reading this who have come to know me through reading my novel Ballad of the Northland, never fear, there is much more blogging goodness just over the horizon!

More to follow…


2 Responses to “Insight into the Beargrease #2”

  1. Nice snow effect Jason. Looking forward to reading all of your musings.

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