2011 Beargrease Part 2

Preparing for the start of the 2010 Beargrease--wearing my lucky red snowsuit.

Here is a look at the starting line-up for the 14-dog class 400 mile version of the Beargrease, one of my favorite races, and most definitely preferred race mileage—

2011 John Beargrease Musher Listing – Marathon Race

Entrants Hometown

1 John Beargrease Beaver Bay, MN

2 Chad Schouweiler Irma, WI

3 Odin Jorgenson Grand Marais, MN

4 Scott White Woodinville, WA

5 Curt Perano Queenstown, New Zealand

6 Peter McClelland Ely, MN

7 Tom Roley Bryant, WI

8 Mark Stamm Riverside, WA

9 Frank Moe Hovland, MN

10 Shawn McCarty Ely, MN

11 Matt Groth Grand Marais, MN

12 Richard MacAuley West Branch, MI

13 Nathan Schroeder Chisholm, MN

14 Colleen Wallin Two Harbors, MN

15 Rick Larson Sand Coulee, MT

16 Mitch Ingerson Jefferson, NH

17 Jamie Nelson Togo, MN

18 Rene Marchildon South River, ONT

19 Ryan Anderson Ray, MN

20 Team Gordon Duluth, MN

21 Jaye Foucher Ashland, NH

22 Zackary Colby Lunenburg, VT

23 Bruce Langmaid Blackstock, ONT

24 Jarle Halsnes Steamboat Springs, CO

25 Billy Snodgrass Dubuis, WY

26 Tom Thurston Oak Creek, CO

27 Tom Bauer Tapiola, MI

28 Gavin Baker Almonte, ONT

Last year Nathan Schroeder was the first musher to reach the finish line—I see that he has returned to defend his title. Also a very notable player in this year’s race is Mr. Ryan Anderson; these two mushers are the “no-brainer” picks for the race. But with that said, this is a very long race, and a ton of things can go wrong for even the strongest & best prepared teams—plus, there are some other very strong teams in the roster, namely—

Rick Larson, Mark Stamm, Bruce Langmaid, and Billy Snodgrass—all four of these gentleman are very experienced drivers with tough, dependable teams; I like any one of them for a possible win scenario. Tomorrow, I’ll dig into some of those scenarios as I see them.

Thanks for tuning in everyone!

More to follow…


2 Responses to “2011 Beargrease Part 2”

  1. Jason,
    You are truly an amazing individual. Everything that you write, is completely visual. When I am reading your work, I can “see” it all, “hear” it all and wish I could be there. The Ballad of the Northland is an epic work.
    I look forward to reading more from you and enjoying your wife’s artwork.
    I am sorry that you are taking time off from your love of mushing but commend you for taking on a “work of art”.
    Thank you,

  2. Dawn,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m deeply honored that you feel so strongly about my writing—Ballad of the Northland was a labor of love & artistic expression, and there is a LOT more where that came from!
    And, I’m certainly not finished with racing—just taking a break đŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,


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