2011 Beargrease

I know that I promised you all a story concerning the processes of self publishing our new book Ballad of the Northland, but I decided to bump it ’til next week and focus on some ‘musher-y’ stuff–namely the 2011 Beargrease.

I plan to write some comprehensive stories focusing on the race, but for tonight I just want to have a peek at the roster of  the 8 dog class, and make a brief forecast about the competition—

A shot of yours truly smoking out of the starting line in the 2010 Beargrease Marathon–Thor & Sputnik in the lead

Here’s a look at the sign-up for the 8-dog class—

2011 John Beargrease Musher Listing – Mid-Distance Race

Entrants Hometown

1 Ross Fraboni Two Harbors, MN
2 Team Fortier Gaylord, MI
3 Jason Jones Walker, MN
4 Jerry Papke
5 Nick Turman Two Harbors, MN
6 Richard Loucks Wrenshall, MN
7 Thad McCracken Portland, OR
8 Neil Rasmussen Grand Marais, MN
9 Amanda Vogel Ray, MN
10 Maggie Heilmann Somerset, WI
11 Robert Cooke Saint-Jacques, NB
12 Rita Wehseler
13 Bill Wehseler
14 Kathy MacKay
15 Jen Freking
16 Carey Schroeder Chisholm, MN
17 Linda Hart Stillwater, MN
18 Mary Beth Logue
19 Team Gordon
20 Joanna Oberg
21 Kate Ratkovich Two Harbors, MN
22 Nathaniel Holmes Angora, MN
23 Dave Turner Sandy, OR
24 Paul Amano Kaministiquia, ON
25 Scott Edgett Chisago City, MN
26 Mary Black Grand Marais, MN
27 Tara McGovern Grand Marais, MN
28 Mike Hoff Silver Bay, MN
29 Natalie Harwood Iron River, WI
30 Kirk Aili
31 Jerry Trudell Calumet, MI
32 Bob Wright South Range, WI
33 Dusty Klaven Gheen, MN
34 Brian Wiese Kakabeka Falls, ONT
35 Jean Wise Sand Coulee, MT
36 Clarke Garry Cook, MN
37 Blake Cazier Duluth, MN
38 Stephanie Love Duluth, MN
39 Bill Olson Duluth, MN
40 Ed Larka Grasston, MN
41 Tom Roos Alexandria, MN
42 Shaynee Seipke

There are some awfully fast teams in this grouping—notably, last years champ Don Galloway has not returned—but a couple of my early picks are Amanda Vogel, Maggie Heilmann & Team (Joanne) Fortier–-all three very speedy, very determined, and very high finishers of the last few races.

Tomorrow, we’ll delve into the 14 dog Marathon class; thanks for joining in 🙂

More to follow…


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