I sat down in the spring to write Ballad of the Northland, and it took over my life.

I’ve let almost all other forms of creativity fall by the wayside in my mad dash to complete the story and bring it shivering and knock-kneed into the world–and I have absolutely no regrets. Dog mushing & racing in endurance sled dog events have been the major pursuit of my life, both in childhood as well as maturity, and in creating Ballad, I have put to paper the truest expression of my heart’s feelings concerning the sport and its attendant lifestyle.

I wrote the words contained between Ballad’s covers as if they were the last words I would ever utter concerning thirty plus years spent worshiping at the altar of the Northland–thirty plus years characterized by a disproportionate expenditure of blood, sweat, and frozen tears–and of this I am utterly satisfied, completely fulfilled, and exceedingly proud.

Now I am done with both versions of the book, audio & hard copy, and the time has come to turn my attention to other pursuits. First, I’ve begun a new book titled Ula’s Miedved, due out approximately 12 months from now–the subject matter of which may come as a surprise to all of you who have read Ballad; I plan to publish several essays detailing various aspects & details of the story on this blog in the days to follow. For now, suffice it to say that it concerns a matter that lays nearest to my heart, and that it will employ a poetry driven language mechanic similar to my previous effort.

Second is this new blog–too long have I let my previous ‘dog mushing’ blog languish. I’m restarting a completely new forum, full of fresh insights into dog mushing & racing, as well as insights into my various writing endeavors, complete with essays, short stories (such as a 2000 word whopper titled Childhood Musings), excerpts from future works, and more.

On that note, I seriously urge you to take the time to read Childhood Musings located in the post just below this one–it is a page from my history, and I truly think that you will find it a satisfying & rewarding read on a number of levels.

I am back. Thank you all for joining me.

More to follow…


8 Responses to “Lazarus”

  1. I have pushed all of the buttons—but at 78, I do not understand all of the cyberspace stuff and feeds are really beyond me. But I seem to be registered and we’ll see if I can wend my way through the maze.
    Love your blog and will be glad to get the updates as they come.

    • Hi montanigrani! Thanks for chiming in–though I don’t think your comments registered ‘publicly’. I’m just learning how to use this tool, too!

      Thank you so much for your words of praise πŸ™‚

  2. The author just chiming in on his own post–I’m new to WordPress, and trying to get a feel for how everything works here!

  3. I am looking forward to following your Blog and getting your audio Book For Christmas.
    No matter where I am my heart will always be in Alaska.

  4. Can’t wait for the next adventure Jason. So proud of you and Harmony!

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